Ricki-Lee divorces [Australian Idol]

Is there some astrological alignment happening at the moment that’s doomed all celebrity marriages? This week Madonna and Guy Ritchie and David Duchovny and Tea Leoni have announced divorces… and now you can add Ricki-Lee to the splitsville list.

This is pretty sad: poor Ricki-Lee and her husband Jamie were only married a year ago (I remember she appeared on Rove sporting a hideous orange tan). I wonder if that bizarre nude pics scandal of theirs from a couple of months backhad anything to do with it?


One Response to “Ricki-Lee divorces [Australian Idol]”

  1. do you think they have to pay back the moola they got from whichever tabloid rag paid for wedding pic rights, surely after only a year its only the polite thing to do…

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