Even Cecily von Ziegesar thinks Vanessa is a lame-o [Gossip Girl]

Cecily von Ziegesar, who writes the Gossip Girl books (at least she wrote the first couple of books in the series… I have a feeling they’re mostly ghostwritten, based on the precedent set by illustrious franchises including The Babysitters Club and Goosebumps), says the TV series has pretty much got everything right… except Vanessa:

“I think Vanessa is one character they ruined. In the book, she’s kick-ass and has a shaved head and wears lots of black … and I think a lot of the readers who don’t usually read teen fiction indentify with Vanessa. Even though I don’t like Vanessa’s character, it’s nothing against [actress] Jessica [Szohr]. I just wish Vanessa was like she is in the books a bit more.”

Even though Vanessa is an annoying wench in the books too, at least she’s not a total bonehead. Admittedly I’m still catching up on GG‘s second season (the last episode I watched was the otherwise completely awesome one where Vanessa goes and ruins Blair’s devious plan to split up Nate and the Duchess. Way to go, dumbass), so maybe V learns some smarts. But… I doubt it.


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