Hayden drops the F-bomb [hee!]

Hayden Panettiere looks all sweet and innocent… but really she’s a cheeky pottymouth, as evidence in this fake campaign video that includes several F-bombs. That word sounds weird coming out of her rosebud lips. And now, a gratuitous use of WordPress’s new polling tool.

[Note: Now updated with the correct link. Note to self: pay attention to your blog instead of getting distracted by flashy polls.]


4 Responses to “Hayden drops the F-bomb [hee!]”

  1. Wrong link, Capt’n…

  2. Oh yeah – nothing gets me hotter than Hayden welcoming advances in internet filtering technology. The vapours!!

  3. Well that was set to make my afternoon… now I’m in limbo.

    Good work, SAM!!!!

  4. Um, yeah… that was a test… and you all passed!

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