Karma catches up with Demelza [Australia’s Next Top Model]

So remember how I raged that it was completely unfair for Demelza to win Australia’s Next Top Model, given that she apparently spent much of her time on the reality show acting like a snitty bitch? Well, now it’s karma’s turn to be a bitch: Demelza has been forbidden from modelling overseas because she’s “too young”. Poor D! Reality TV is a harsh mistress.

Meanwhile, new host and executive producer Sarah Murdoch claims that she’d love to see a plus-sized model (ie, normally proportioned woman) compete in the show. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll go down well with Charlotte, Alex et cetera, who’ve shown so much compassion in the past for non-skeletal models.

[Image News.com.au]


One Response to “Karma catches up with Demelza [Australia’s Next Top Model]”

  1. i don’t like her actually..
    she’s not that attractive or pretty..
    her attitude made her worst..

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