Alan Ball sure likes messed-up funeral scenes [True Blood – Cold Ground]

Mmm, death pie. (I can’t believe Sookie ate the whole thing!)

Sidebar: I missed the premiere of True Blood while I was overseas and only caught up on the series over the weekend, where I watched the first five episodes in about one hour. Love. It. This is easily my favourite new show of the season (sorry, Fringe – second comes right after first!)… it’s less like a TV show and more like a really long, immersive movie.

Anyway, this episode was totally sad. I kept hoping it’d turn out that Gran wasn’t really dead, that it’d turn out to be a dream sequence or a weird prank or that she’d become a vampire or something. Didn’t happen. She dead. On the plus side, at least we were treated to one of the most fucked-up funeral scenes since Six Feet Under.

Notes: Jason Stackhouse is definitely a jerk, and probably a mind-reader. Tara has succumbed to both Carrie-Bradshaw-having-sex-in-your-bra syndrome and I-believe-my-alcoholic-mother-is-possessed syndrome (but hey, on this show anything is possible). And Sam and Bill are competing in a who-has-the-dreamiest-eyes competition (Sam FTW!).

Also, Sookie is beautiful. And we saw her boobies! I’m blushing like a Japanese schoolgirl.


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