SBS asks: please sir, may I have some more? [news]

Multicultural broadcaster SBS has asked for an extra $70 million on top of the $191 million they already receive from the government to provide TV shows for migrants to watch. (Is that politically incorrect? It seems politically incorrect.)

The same SBS who not-so-long-ago spent approximately $11 gajillion purchasing the local rights to Top Gear? Well, I guess those exorbitant international formats won’t purchase themselves, will they.


One Response to “SBS asks: please sir, may I have some more? [news]”

  1. how about ‘provide TV shows for ppl whose brain isn’t only mush’. god save non-commercial tv, i say.

    and migrants aren’t just watching sbs. don’t forget those deadly greek and italian channels on payTV.

    and i think more ppl watched sbs’ Olympics coverage than seven’s, despite the fact they never showed Australian athletes or any sports played in Australia – Seven’s coverage was that awful!

    next Olympics I’m going to Malaysia where the payTV there had 12 channels of Olympics. *Homer-style-droopy-eyed-gurgling-drool-sound”

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