Charlotte Dawson is sooooo pissed at Sarah Murdoch right now [Australia’s Next Top Model]

Though I was overseas last month my friends made sure to keep me abreast of the important stuff going on back home, so of course I heard about Jodhi Meares stepping down from Australia’s Next Top Model almost as soon as it happened.

FOX8 has now announced that Sarah Murdoch will host the reality show when it returns in ’09, in addition to acting as an executive producer. Good – she’s much more TV-friendly, with a successful stint on Today on her resume.

But I guess it’s bad news for glamorous loudmouth Charlotte Dawson, who was tipped to take on the hosting gig. I’m sure she’ll get over it once she drops a couple of ranty F-bombs and shoots a few Jagerbombs (c’mon, you can totally picture Charlotte drinking those).


7 Responses to “Charlotte Dawson is sooooo pissed at Sarah Murdoch right now [Australia’s Next Top Model]”

  1. poo. i like Charlotte Dawson.

  2. Apparently Charlotte turned the gig down in favour of her own variety type show on Foxtel.

    I’m sure that’ll just be an unmissable show.

  3. Charlotte Says:

    @ Nyree

    I was never offered the job of host of ANTM, however I have been offered another hosting job with the network which is more of a live fiormat (to be announced soon). I didn’t turn the job down, but comon I’m 42 – a bit foulmouthed, hardly a den mother and had avery average modelling career and Sarah is – well lets face it the opposite of me! It’ll be a great series – andI only drink white wine (I’m damn good at it too) xxx

  4. But not Jagerbombs? Hmmm, I thought that one was a lock.

  5. Charlotte Says:

    Just looked at my post. Better stick to judging my spelling is HORRIFIC!! I’ll be fine to try one of these Jager things – you guys bring the Jager – I’ll be the bomb!!!!!

  6. Yeah…Is nobody noticing that a show that is on a Pay T.V. service owned by the Murdoch’s, has a Murdoch hosting.

  7. Eh. I don’t think it’s that. If Sarah were totally unqualified for the job, then sure, you could cry nepotism. But she’s a well-known ex-model with TV experience. It’s a perfect fit.

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