“Chinese food… not that special for 8 billion Chinese people” [Kath & Kim]

So I just watched the US Kath & Kim, and… it really isn’t that bad.

That’s not to say it’s good. The pilot’s storyline follows more or less the same path as the first Australian episode, but the US bits that directly copy the original feel stilted, while the gags unique to the American version play out in an awkward, har-har-look-at-us-we’re-being-funny-type way but aren’t actually all that funny.

It’s weird: the pilot hams up all its lamest gags (it seems especially pleased with itself when smugly namedropping tabloid celebrities) while at the same time playing down the arch suburban satire that’s at the heart of Kath & Kim‘s yoomah.

That said, it’s not completely dreadful. I will watch episode two, is what I’m saying: the series has promise (particularly its talented cast), but it seems unlikely it’ll stay on the air long enough to find its feet.

Oh, and the very worst thing about the US series? No Sharon Strzelecki equivalent. Her absence leaves a plus-sized hole in the show, pun intended.


One Response to ““Chinese food… not that special for 8 billion Chinese people” [Kath & Kim]”

  1. I *kind of* agree. If it weren’t for The Office and its terrible pilot:amazing-rest-of-series ratio, I’d probably be a lot more skeptical.

    There was a couple of funny moments toward the end but I was largely silent while watching. Having seen all the native series, I feel I kind of need to abandon all expectation of the US series as they’re obviously going for a much different character construction. Seemed like Kim was complimenting and admiring Kath the whole time.

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