Everybody hates Kath and Kim [Kath & Kim]

Why oh why am I not surprised that US critics have savaged Kath & Kim? And how embarrassing for Australia that our number one comedy has been remade so badly! Now America is going to think that we’re like totally lame and stuff.

But, perspective: remember that at first no one was very kind to the US adaptation of The Office, which went on to become a genuinely funny, Emmy Award-winning critical darling. (Though admittedly the pilot of that show totally sucks. You know there’s that dreadful bit where Jim or Pam is interviewing about yogurt lids or something? Cringe.)

Unfortunately for Kath & Kim, I doubt it’ll get the same chance to grow into its own like The Office did, now that everyone at NBC hates Ben Silverman or whatever. Expect to see the foxy ladies join Do Not Disturb on the scrapheap real soon.


One Response to “Everybody hates Kath and Kim [Kath & Kim]”

  1. The takes on the show were not as good as in the trailer but I think that NBC has something up their sleeve.
    I will give it a couple more episodes to really see how it is going to turn out.

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