Australian dramas are 3 lame [WTF?]

So remember how Sea Patrol called its second season Sea Patrol 2, instead of just calling it Sea Patrol season two like a sensible person?

Well they’ve gone and done it again: the upcoming third season is called Sea Patrol 3 – Red Gold. Why must you spite me like this, Sea Patrol?! Whyyyyy?!


3 Responses to “Australian dramas are 3 lame [WTF?]”

  1. ExisingBike Says:

    Well at least this one doesnt /rhyme/! Could be worse Sea Patrol 3 – The…Sea?

  2. Apparently it is so they can receive mini-series funding which isn’t awarded to television series. Therefore each season of Sea Patrol is actually a so-called “mini-series”. I think the only requirement is that they have to a (small) running storyline in each episode of the season.
    Of course, I never made it past the first wooden episode, so I could be wrong.

  3. Clearly they’re trying to follow in the grand footsteps of another nautical-themed Australian TV classic, Ship To Shore.

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