Adventures in North American television [North Americana]

What I watched in Canada and America:

Canadian Idol, whose finalists seemed to be at least as mediocre as the current crop on Australian Idol. Anyway, I saw the finale, where the cute-but-crappy singer was defeated by the much-less-cute-but-much-more-competent singer (both pictured).

So You Think You Can Dance Canada, which is uncannily similar to the Australian and, of course, the American versions. The sensation of watching it is exactly like walking into a McDonald’s in a foreign country and realising that they serve all the same burgers, only replace “burgers” with “deluded dancing wannabes and mildly redundant host”.

Two episodes of Fringe. This sounds stupid and nerdy and won’t make sense to any actual Americans, but: watching American TV in America is so exciting.

Endless Seinfeld reruns. No matter what time of the day you turn on the TV in America, Seinfeld is airing on some cable channel. (Speaking of cable, when I arrived at my New York accomodation the landlady showed me how to use the cable and remarked, “It has, like, 1000 channels. No, wait… 2000 channels.” Cue eyepop.)

Commercials. American commercials are strange. They’re either advertising pharmaceutical drugs, with lengthy and hilarious lists of all the potential side effects (“… may cause bloating. Insomnia. Suicidal tendencies…”), or, they’re fast-food commercials that are structured around these obtuse, unfriendly, not-very-funny jokes.

Oh yeah and while I was overseas I also saw lots of world-famous landmarks and met lots of awesome people. Whatever.


6 Responses to “Adventures in North American television [North Americana]”

  1. Thank GOD. In your absence, I had to take up heroine, Sam. HEROINE.

  2. ExisingBike Says:


  3. “I wanna see you poo.”


  4. Heroine? Like, Buffy and Wonder Woman?

  5. I realised that mistake the second I pressed submit.

  6. WOOT! YOUR BACK!!!!

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