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She said what?! [WTF?]

Posted in 30 Rock, North Americana, WTF? on October 23, 2008 by jetsamjr

People magazine: Tina Fey plays you sort of bubble-headed. You obviously –
Sarah Palin: That’s funny, I play her bubble-headed, too, when I imitate her.

Oh no she di’n’t.


Ellen does not like Sarah Palin [hee!]

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Adorable lesbian comedian Ellen doesn’t like Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin doesn’t like gay marriage. And Ellen, who got gay married herself not long ago, wants to know why:

I don’t know what people are scared of. Maybe they think that their children will be influenced. And I gotta say I was raised by two heterosexuals. I was surrounded by heterosexuals just everywhere I looked heterosexuals. And they did not influence…. I mean I dabbled in high school, who didn’t? Everyone dabbled, ya know?

Hee! She’s so adorable and lesbian.

The worst, worst, worst ever [Australian Idol]

Posted in Australian Idol, Australiana, video, WTF? on October 21, 2008 by jetsamjr

This is quite possibly the worst performance I’ve ever seen from an Idol finalist ever, including Sanjaya.

Is a simple riff on “She’ll be back” really that difficult? [sci-fi]

Posted in news, North Americana, sci-fi on October 20, 2008 by jetsamjr

The Sarah Connor Chronicles was renewed this weekend, and I gotta say… I am disappointed with sections of the internet media sorely lacking in hilariously awful Terminator puns. A sampling of headlines I lifted out of Google Reader:

Fox gives full order to ‘Sarah Connor (Really, Variety? “Full order”? That’s the best you can do? Really?)
Fox nabs full season of ‘Terminator’ (Ditto Hollywood Reporter)
“Terminator” is back with full season of episodes (Zzzz, Reuters)

All terrible. FAIL. Sure – internet readers only scan headlines for keywords, blah blah. But still. How do you a pass up the opportunity to pun on one of the greatest sci-fi franchises of all time?!

Not great efforts, but better:

Terminator not yet terminated
The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Survive… For Now [Television]

The lamest, and therefore the best, puns:

Fox saves Sarah…Connor, that is
This Just In: ‘Sarah Connor‘ Will Be Back


Sarah Michelle Gellar has hot legs [hotness]

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Just saying:

Gawker has more pics.

“A little bit Reese Witherspoon in Election” [hee!]

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Tina Fey reveals the influences on her Sarah Palin impression. She is sooooo cool you guys.

Click here to watch this week’s SNL cold open starring Tina Fey-as-Sarah Palin, the real Sarah Palin, Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin. It’s all-round awesome.

Unsurprising HSM3 spoilers [High School Musical]

Posted in High School Musical, movies, North Americana, spoilerama on October 19, 2008 by jetsamjr

Variety has posted its first (mostly positive) review of High School Musical 3, and it reveals some very minor and completely unsurprisingly spoilers about the movie:

  • Zac Efron is the star. Gee, didn’t see that one coming
  • Troy and Gabrielle’s relationship is a snooze
  • Chad is a douche who expects Troy to do whatever he says and gets pissy when he doesn’t (for real, that has been Chad’s only storyline in every single High School Musical film to date; no wonder Corbin Bleu always looks so pissed off at media events)
  • Sharpei a) is still a wonderful bitchy turd to everyone, especially her super-gay twin brother, and b) gets an “extravagant” musical number
  • Lucas Grabeel is “the most talented of the bunch”
  • The script sucks

But I can’t wait to see it!