On hiatus

TV Junior will be on hiatus until October 6, while I’m off travelling around the US. There may be intermittent updates in that time documenting my adventures in American television (you didn’t think I’d go away on holidays and not spend most of it watching TV, right?).

To keep up to date with any posts in the meantime, subscribe to the TV Junior feed. Until then: adios!


9 Responses to “On hiatus”

  1. Flotsam Snr Says:

    Safe travels Mr Jnr.

  2. While this site is down visit http://www.mytvaus.com, it’s a really cool tv blog.

  3. I love this site so much Sam! enjoy your trip 🙂

  4. Come baaaack!

  5. Where are you? I demand more TV Junior! 🙂

  6. Hey Sam,

    Hope the trip went well. Looking real forward to you coming back and blogging again 🙂 Have missed everything! So much TV to catch up on…new season on Heroes also looks exciting 🙂


  7. Well it’s now October 7.. you lied! Give us more TV Junior!

  8. I want more TV junior! Really missing the site…..:( What are your thoughts on new season of Dexter or Heroes?

  9. We want more! We want more! Why, any more he gives you would simply be a placebo. Where do we get these placebos??!

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