Wow [30 Rock]

Admit it: it was kind of exciting when Jennifer Aniston announced that she’d be guest-starring on 30 Rock. So it’s hyper-ultra-ultimate-mega-exciting that Oprah fucking Winfrey is in final talks to also make an appearance in the series. Tina Fey must be bursting out of her skin, for real.

Oprah is likely to play herself in the third episode of season three; Jen will appear in episode two, playing a “Fatal Attraction-like stalker” who attaches herself to Jack. That rocks, nyuck nyuck nyuck.


2 Responses to “Wow [30 Rock]”

  1. Oprah is going to be on 30 Rock. That is like, the most awesomest news EVAH. I’d love to see Kenneth’s reaction to meeting her.

  2. Ew, I don’t want Anniston and Oprah laming up my 30 Rock. Can’t we lure JenJen away with a cardboard cutout of Brad?

    Oh well, if Oprah being on 30 Rock somehow leads to Obama getting elected, I’ll be happy.

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