90210: it doesn’t completely suck [90210 – We’re Not in Kansas Anymore]

Phew. 90210 isn’t a total pile – in fact, it’s kind of good! Kind of. I’ve yet to see episode two (stupid internet! Be more fast!) but the shiny, shiny pilot wasn’t half bad, even it did have more cheese than a Beverly beauty’s face has botox.

All up there is some definite “trash TV” potential here, and I look forward to mocking the idiot characters on a regular basis… especially West Beverly High lacrosse jock Ethan, who is so dumb he makes Nate Archibald look like a rocket scientist in comparison.

Get this: he gets a blowjob right outside the front of school and then frets about his girlfriend finding out? Seriously? Also, who the heck plays lacrosse?

Joining Ethan in the Dumb Club is Silver, who I sort of got to liking by the end of the first episode, but: her idea of getting revenge on her archnemesis Naomi is to create a bitchy and supremely lame Flash animation about a new girl who has nothing to do with either of them? Oooh… cutting.

Anyway, Shenae Grimes is cute (and so thin! And I mean that as a compliment), Jennie Garth is cute (even if she can’t act her way out of a paper bag), and Jessica Walters is just divine (even if she is basically rehashing Lucille Bluth. I have no problem with that). I’m sure it won’t be long before the soapy bubble bursts and we all realise that 90210 is a poor imitation of Gossip Girl, but… for now I don’t mind it!


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