Judd Apatow has a hand in the Muppets [gossip]

Jeez, is there anything in Hollywood that Judd Apatow isn’t somehow involved him? It looks like his protegee Jason Segal – whose balls we all saw in Forgetting Sarah Marshall – might be in line to resurrect The Muppet Show after he finishes making a Muppets movie.

I kinda feel like the Muppets have done their dash, but… I’m intrigued.


One Response to “Judd Apatow has a hand in the Muppets [gossip]”

  1. The puppet musical in Forgetting Sarah Marshall was the best bit, so I can be on board with that. And puppets are due for a renaissance, perhaps they could resurrect Greg the Bunny, too… Oooh, and Trekkie Monster could do a song with Cookie Monster debating the merits of cookies vs porn.

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