Guess the gay [Packed to the Rafters]

Blind item madness! One of my secret sources (ie, some guy I know) tells me that one of the male castmembers in Packed to the Rafters is gay. Try to guess which one!

Clue: he’s pictured here:


29 Responses to “Guess the gay [Packed to the Rafters]”

  1. Easy. The red-dog on the right. His shirt is too casually unbuttoned to not be the work of a poof.

    Am I right?

  2. Easy. The red-dog on the right. His shirt is too casually unbuttoned at the top to not be the work of a poof.

    Am I right?

  3. ‘Scuse the double comment. And this one explaining the first two.

  4. And here I was, getting excited because I thought three people had guessed.

  5. its obvi the guy in the green jumper.

    i just watched the premiere, and since he’s the only one without a significant other, the laws of tv land say its him.

    apart from that, top show. and here was me about to lose all hope in the productions australia was cranking out.


  6. Wait. my bad.

    so its a castmember? i totally read that as character.

    disregard my other comment.

  7. Yep: castmember!

  8. blah blah blah Says:

    Who cares? Do we still live in a society where peoples sexual orientation changes the way we feel about them? As long as they are good actors does it really matter? Who gives a shit as long as the show is entertaining? Grow up jetsamjr.

  9. White shirt. The pose screams gay.

  10. Oh My Goodness, You guys, get a life, I agree with blah blah blah, does it matter at all who is gay? And I could’ve sworn gay meant happy and by the looks of it – They all look happy.

    Jetsamjr, I disagree with what you have posted, how would you like it if someone wrote that about you on a website?

  11. Someone’s writing about me on a website?! Awesome!

    Meanwhile: god, I didn’t imply being gay was bad, geez.

  12. i love the show it is so funny

  13. I hope it’s green jumper but I suspect it’s ol’ carrot top ont the right.

    After the first three episodes, I have fallen in love with green jumper.

  14. its Hugh, the guy in the green jumper… trust me…

  15. Id love it to be green jumper hes dreamy! but my gaydar says its the 20yo guy


    UM Hugh sheridan isnt GAY !

  17. God, I hope it’s the guy in the green! The reason I say that is because I’ve devloped a crush on Angus McLaren (white shirt) back when he was on H2O: Just Add Water. If anyone knows the real answer could they please speak up about it? Just curious, it probably won’t change me much.

  18. ummm non of them

  19. It’s Hugh Sheridan ! He is soooo gay (but gorgeous guy) I am friends with his sister Meg and have partied with him many times

  20. Yes it is the one in green.

    I will vouch for that 100%, thats all that I will say.

  21. queeneffie Says:

    how can you comment on someone like this so what if all of them are gay “grow up” i

  22. My best friend Antoinette dated Hugh in Melbourne, I cant tell you 100% he is NOT gay!

    Trust me SHE knows!

  23. Hugh Sheridan is the gay one one of my friends knows him from her ballet classes they are close friends

  24. hugh sheridan is soooooooooooooooooooo GAY!!! he’s from my dance school! he’s more gay than barbie!!!

  25. Hugh is gay!!! GAY!!! GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve met him in person… friends with the family… zoe sheridan!!! just… GAY!

  26. hugh sheridan Says:

    to my beloved fans, yes i am gay. i hope that i can still deliver you high quality drama even though i have come out of the closet.

  27. hugh i support u 100% and i love u babe.

  28. Well yeah, it does change the way we feel about them, cause if Hugh is Gay, I want him. XD

    But yeah, I have no idea which one, to be honest… Hoping for Hugh. XD

  29. ^^Someone has impersonated Hugh. That’s not him who wrote that.

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