[Insert “Rice” pun here] [Make Me a Supermodel]

Olympic gold medallist, underwear model and possible Michael Phelps-pasher Stephanie Rice has signed on to Make Me a Supermodel to “advise contestants on how to handle a sudden rise to fame and also how to appeal to the general public”.

I like Stephanie and all, but this is a pretty desperate play by the Seven Network.

Meanwhile, News.com.au titled this report with an exceptionally boring “Stephanie Rice joins Make Me a Supermodel“. No “Models Love Rice”, etc etc?


2 Responses to “[Insert “Rice” pun here] [Make Me a Supermodel]”

  1. Flotsam Snr Says:

    Well let’s face it, Michael’s is WAY bigger than Eamon’s.

    Gold medal tally, I mean.

  2. Given her ‘sudden rise to fame’ predates theirs by only a few months (presuming any of those very average looking wannabes ever actually get famous, of course), exactly what expert advice is she supposed to be imparting? ‘Don’t get suckered into stupid guest appearances on bad reality shows that make both parties look lame’?

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