Make it work [Project Runway Australia]

OMFG Kelly Rowland!

Except… not really. Kelly is famous and all, and I hear that she’s a genuine and lovely person – but a worldwide sensation, she is not. Let’s face it: she’s the poor man’s Beyonce. That said, Kelly’s still a bona fide celebrity, and Helen didn’t have to act all smug and superior about never having heard of her. Shut up, Helen.

By my count, that’s approximately the 633rd “Shut up, Helen” I’ve offered this season.

However, in light of Helen’s elimination it’s probably going to be one of the last (at least till the reunion episode). Ding dong, the witch is dead – I can’t believe that, in two weeks, PRAus has dumped its two most distinctive character. Who’s left to fill the void of personality? Lui?!

Juli’s winning effort; Brint’s should’ve-won creation; Helen’s losing… thing

Juli’s comeback: Maybe I spoke a little too soon last week when I declared that Juli’s number is up. Of course she would go and make the too-cute winning design the following week. Adorable as her Little Mermaid-ish creation was, though, I actually preferred Brint’s. His looked like something Kelly really would wear on stage.

Helen breaks loose: Helen’s little number was not terrible – it certainly wasn’t as bad as the gold sack that Lui whipped up in 45 minutes (which, admittedly, is pretty impressive). It just had Helen’s typical touch of self-declared mediocrity… which makes it all the more infuriating that in a post-elimination interview with TV Week, she said she’d go “even harder” if she had a chance to do the competition again. Harder than what?

A new bad girl: Judging by the promos for next week’s episode, Leigh is poised to take over Helen’s spot as designated villain. Which suits me fine – with his excessive campiness, foul soul patch and soulless blue eyes, Leigh makes the perfect reality baddie.

The worst-stocked fabric store ever: World War III nearly broke out early in the episode when it emerged that there wasn’t enough lace fringing at the fabric store for both Lui and Leigh. Two weeks ago there was a similar incident when the store didn’t have any pink silk. Um, does that fabric store actually have any fabric? That would never happen at Mood.


2 Responses to “Make it work [Project Runway Australia]”

  1. You actually went back and counted?

    I’m disappointed there aren’t any really catty judges on PR:A. Kristy can not even come close to pulling of Heidi’s iciness, female judge is certainly no match for ‘editor-at-large’ Nina Garcia and Jason Brunsden (sp?) doesn’t pull off any amusing catty comments like Michael Kors does (slutty slutty slutty!).

    I totally thought Leigh was gone this week with that terrible stereotypical Chinese restaurant waitress goes to Vegas number. What made him think Kelly would want to rip off her skirt on stage in any case?

    I’m sad to say Helen was probably one of the small number of designers I could actually stand left. I can’t even look at Petrova’s awful wig and terrible clashing clothes without laughing and Leigh… let’s just say Pat Mullens from We Can Be Heroes and leave it there.

  2. Do you think the “no lace” was just another example of the faux drama this show likes to whip up? It’s like everything has to be over-concepted for maximum drama. You can’t just have a challenge where everyone has to make winter clothes in white, you have to work with an eliminate contestant *and* use materials from the set.

    You know what would actually make this show dramatic? If they didn’t spend the whole episode having Henri or Kristi explain something, the contestants then explaining what H or K explained to them and then have a pointless scene of them running to challenge.

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