9021-oh-this-isn’t-good [90210]

The CW has declined to send out 90210 preview screeners to the press. They say it’s a “strategic marketing decision” and insist they’re not hiding anything. Translation: 90210 is crap and they know it.

All we can do now is cross our fingers and hope that, if 90210 is indeed a steaming pile, it’s such a steaming pile that it enters “so bad it’s good” territory.


2 Responses to “9021-oh-this-isn’t-good [90210]”

  1. Couldn’t they have spun up a better line than ‘strategic marketing decision’? Like saying… ‘we wanted to keep it a surprise for the viewers’ perhaps?

    What do PR people do for their money these days?

    That girl 4th from the left looks like she’s standing in a mighty uncomfortable position (and could possibly be a drag queen) and the one second from the left looks to be an escaped extra from either a pirates movie or a gypsy one. Also looks ike they have a token black person.

  2. They have to have a token black person – it’s tradition!

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