Scenes from a high school [High School Musical]

I have no idea what Zac Efron is doing in this High School Musical 3 still that’s lifted from the clip for the soundtrack’s first single. Trying out a new hair product? Hopefully all will become clear when the movie is released in October (unless you live in a shitty backwater like Australia, where the movie is being released a whole month after it hits US cinemas – dumb!).

There’s a new behind-the-scenes look at film at Yahoo! Movies, which reveals that the super-flamboyant drama teacher beloved by HSM fans (ie, me) is in the third film.

Below: Zac flexes his guns.

Some more screenshots after the jump.

I bet you don’t think Ryan can get any gayer than this, right?

Wrong! The pink-wigged back-up dancers add that extra dab of camp.

Not sure who this dandy fellow is, though I’d wager he’s Ryan’s boyfriend.

The affectionate looks Ryan is exchanging with the weird Russian girl concern me. If Kenny Ortega dares to try and set them up as a couple, I’ll cough up my lungs and heart in shock. Then I will hunt Kenny down.

Speaking of gay subtext, check out the loving stare Chad is giving Zac! Might there be an unexpected romantic subplot in the third act?

Chad’s loving stare is matched only by the unadulterated affection of the kid to the right of Zac – he even has the same floppy haircut! Chad points a warning finger, perhaps advising his love rival to step off.

Angry Zac is oblivious to the love triangle raging around him: floppy-haired kid is preparing to move in for a kiss, while Chad’s glare is territorial and hostile.


Zac attempts to act. Bless.

Aww! Isn’t that sweet. This still almost makes me believe that Zac and Vanessa really are a couple. Almost.

In the whole High School Musical trilogy, this is the most intimate contact that Zac and Vanessa’s characters have ever had.

I’m pretty sure that, in the squeaky-clen Disney High School Musical universe, “ruffling hair” is the equivalent of “hot underage teen sex”.

These last two pics remind me why I think Ashley Tisdale is awesome:

Seriously: she is awesome.


2 Responses to “Scenes from a high school [High School Musical]”

  1. That moment where Gabriella pops up from the crowd in your “TROOOOY” screenshot is so cringeworthily awful.

  2. I know right – you kind of have to cover your eyes whenever you see/hear her do it. That whole bit of the song is all sorts of cheesy.

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