Who the heck is left on that island, anyway? [Lost]

io9 has a round-up of what we know about Lost‘s fifth season and, more importantly, where all the characters ended up at the close of season four. I have that sort of information will be super-handy when the show finally returns in February, when everyone will have forgotten what’s going on.

Speaking of Lost, some season five publicity shots have been released. Which isn’t that interesting until you realise that a) the cast are all dressed up (past cast shots always depicted the Losties loafing around on a beach or a jungle), and b) the pics might contain secret clues. That douchebag Jack is pictured above; the rest of the cast is here. Can you decipher the secret clues?


2 Responses to “Who the heck is left on that island, anyway? [Lost]”

  1. Uh… the bigger question is why are there pictures of Claire, Jin and Michael? Claire has been rumoured to be on a holding contract and returning for the final season with a bigger role and Jin and Michael are… well, dead!

  2. These are previously unreleased season 4 promos.

    Wyatt – The writers have confirmed Jin will be in season 5 in “some form”.

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