White power! [Project Runway Australia]

This week the designers had to style an all-white winter outfit – how delightfully racist! The twist? Their models were the contestants booted in past episodes, who competed for a chance to re-enter the competition. Dun dun!And also, boo. I hate it when reality shows give eliminees the chance to come back… it just seems so unfair. Can you imagine how dumb it would’ve been if Alison, the first one to be kicked out, had been offered a shortcut to the final six? I guess it worked out for the best that Petrova was allowed back in – she only left last week, so she didn’t skip any rounds – but it’s still not a gimmick I’m fond of.

Pictured: Julie’s winning outfit; Mark’s losing one; Lui’s fashion abomination

The death of quiff: Poor Mark. He didn’t even have the worst design this week (seriously: how did Lui and his personality-free, slapped-together outfit escape elimination?), but Shane’s complete lack of style made a daggy outfit look 10 times daggier. The opposite propelled Julie Helen to victory: Petrova is an adorable model, and made a moderately cute outfit look 10 times cuter.

All white is all wrong: The producers did not think this week’s challenge through. A “winter wonderland” challenge is a good idea in theory. In practice, an all-white runway is a bland-o-rama. None of the outfits looked exciting in the least; the fact they were modelled by real people instead of glamorous models didn’t help any.

I know I say this every week, but shut up Helen: Did you catch the bit at the beginning of the episode where she advised Juli not to stray outside her comfort zone? Now there is some great advice that’s sure to result in some truly mediocre outfits. Thanks, Helen!

The Juli and Deborah Show: Early in the episode I was sort of hoping that Deborah would win – she left the competition so early. That changed as soon as she started acting like a raging passive-aggressive beeyotch, behaviour that culminated with her tossing the coat Juli had made onto the floor. I mean, it was a horrible coat… but come on. Luckily karma stepped in when Kristy Hinze bitchily (but awesomely!) demanded that Deborah remove the coat on the runway, exposing the ham arms she so desperately wanted to keep hidden. Aah.

Also: I love Juli, but it’s time for the judges to eliminate her. Bottom two, two weeks in a row? Ba-bow.


4 Responses to “White power! [Project Runway Australia]”

  1. That middle-eastern looking bloke is hot.

  2. it was helen and petrova, not juli and petrova.

  3. Oops, it was too. And I even misspelled Juli!

  4. I so thought Juli was going to go, but I was begging for Mark to leave. Swapping him for Petrova is pure awesomeness.
    Also, why doesn’t Lee realise that wearing eye makeup doesn’t suit him? He looked fug.

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