The L stands for “sell-out” [WTF?]

Writers on The L Word will accept money from evil corporate brands; in exchange they’ll not only incorporate those brands’ products into the show, they’ll write “customised storylines” around them.

Oh, ew – this stinks. I hope this isn’t an indicator of the future of television.

[Via TV Tattle]


One Response to “The L stands for “sell-out” [WTF?]”

  1. leftoverkumquats Says:

    Apparently this is trend on 30Rock. The whole episode where Pete gets his arm stuck in the vending machine was made to promote the a brand of granola bar.

    At least Fey and co. write so fluidly that the product placement is not overt. However, I don’t trust the rest of the industry (especially one in which Two and a Half Men is a consistent success) to follow.

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