Dollhouse is addictive, weird [Dollhouse]

io9 takes a spoilery look at the new pilot episode of Dollhouse, and its plot sounds intriguing, compelling and weird. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Charlie Jane Anders isn’t sure:

I’m more convinced than ever that Dollhouse will be an addictive viewing experience — and that it may just be a little too weird for most viewers. Although I might have said the same about Lost, so you never know.

Uh oh… sounds like Dollhouse will require viewers to use their brain. That’s never an encouraging sign.


One Response to “Dollhouse is addictive, weird [Dollhouse]”

  1. leftoverkumquats Says:

    Strike one. No laugh track. Americans love their cues.
    Strike two. Joss Whedon and co’s intelligent, funny, quirky writing.
    Strike three. FOX? Really, Joss? After what it did to Firefly? I haven’t seen a single advertisement for Dollhouse on Fox. Dollhouse, I pray for you.

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