9021-oh-no-she-di’n’t! [90210]

There have already been hints that the fashions on display in 90210 will be abhorrently hideous, but here is definitive proof. Here is starlet Shenae Grimes, pictured shooting a scene:

Not so bad, right? Well get a load of her shoes:

The Fug Girls explain why this heinous concoction is such a crime against humanity.

[Image Go Fug Yourself]


3 Responses to “9021-oh-no-she-di’n’t! [90210]”

  1. What odd shoes… they’re a hybrid of innocent schoolgirl (the top and buckle) and slut (the thick red heel). I’m sure they suit the character, who is no doubt a teen tramp.

  2. But Shenae is the (presumably) good girl from Kansas! Which makes the shoes all the weirder.

  3. Brenda started out as the “good girl” too 😉 OOOH I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SHOW!

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