The boys [Make Me a Supermodel]

Aah, Make Me a Supermodel – yet another televised celebration of lucky genetic factors that people are rewarded for despite having no control over. Here are the boys, ranked from hottest to nottest (your mileage may vary):

Billy, whose hotness is tempered slightly by the fact that he knows he’s hot.

The other six, after the jump.

Isaac. Conventionally hot.

Bakary, who apparently prefers to be called “Kai” or whatever. Not my type, but he’s got the look. And by “the look” I of course mean “pecs and abs of steel”.

Luke. The fact that he is only 18 makes him way hotter – if he were one year older he’d move on spot down in this ranking; if he were two years older he’d move two spots down; et cetera.

Rhys. God, I am so glad he got into the top 14 and not that other blond-surfie-dude twat.

Lucas. He’s kind of beige – I struggle to remember his name. I’ll have forgotten about him in 30 seconds.


Tom. He is the sort of guy who you’d think was super-cute and have a crush on if he came and worked in your office. But is he one of the top seven hottest men in Australia? No, he is not.

All these faces and more, coming soon to a Myer catalogue near you!


One Response to “The boys [Make Me a Supermodel]”

  1. Tom is so hot!

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