Teehee… “rings” [Project Runway – Rings of Glory]

Honestly, am I the only one who’s having serious problems telling these two apart?:

It always takes me at least three seconds to realise which is which – in reality TV time, that’s like a whole week! Oh well… at least this week’s episode is that last time I’ll have that problem.

Korto’s winning outfit; Terri’s runner-up; Joe’s “skort”

Okay, so, what does Terri have to do to win a challenge around here? Every week she does something amazing and every week she’s pretty much ignored – and her Olympics-themed outfit was way better than Korto’s. But at least that schmuck Joe didn’t take gold. That “too many queens” crack of his? Oh no you di-n’t!

How was this not the losing outfit?:

Lastly: shut up, Blayne. Not for anything in particular. Just… shut up. Addendum: no, actually, I have thought of something in particular… Sergeant Pepper. Shut up, Blayne.


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