… and the girls [Make Me a Supermodel]

Make Me a Supermodel‘s girls, from hottest to nottest:

Shanina, who I think is hot even if her name does kind of sound like a euphemism for “vagina”. (“I kicked her square in the shanina.” Am I right?)

The other six girls after the jump.

Brooke, aka Missy Higgins. I kinda dig the androgyny. The MMaS press release reckons she’ll “do her best to keep her true self a guarded secret”… ie, she’s a lesbian? Maybe?

Kassandra. I’m rating her highly for now – she will either turn out to be a feisty and loveable trashbag, or just the regular kind of trashbag. I haven’t decided yet.

Sara, who doesn’t look as much like Angelina Jolie as the show wants us to believe. Also, she is only 17. I feel old.

Courtney, the really skinny one. She looks kind of like the Mediterranean Anne Hathaway.

Sheridan. Does she even go here?

Hannah. No offence, but… no.


12 Responses to “… and the girls [Make Me a Supermodel]”

  1. “The Mediterranean Anne Hathaway” – ha ha ha ha.

  2. You’re a totally idiot and seriously need your brain checked that’s if you even have one. Obviously you didn’t take english class too seriously at school as Shanina is pronounced as (Shaneena) and not what you have rudley commented on. Get a life!

  3. Shanina is totally hot – what’s wrong with you man???? Maybe she should kick you right in the square??

  4. Didnt you watch the show you fool it’s pronounced Shaneena and not to how you referred it to – makes you look silly!

  5. I hope her parents see this and take legal action against you for your rude choice of words in relation to their daughter Shanina. You don’t even know how to pronounce her name correctly.

  6. Yeah you’re right about Shanina being HOT but what’s with the euphemism? doesn’t make sense????

  7. yes – dont think much of Hannah or Sheridan either! Cassie – cant stand her talk and such a cry baby! Luke seems ok so far – Billy god no.

  8. Um, way to leave five different comments under different aliases, guy. Also, I’m perfectly aware of how Shanina’s name is pronounced.

  9. Shanina looks like a great girl and is a real contender for this!!! Shanina to win!! Who cares what anyone says guys?? Shell win and shove it back in their faces!!

  10. i agree with gael, you don’t know how to pronounce Shanina’s name right. She is beautiful and will win the competition!!


  12. what a joke! Hannah is the only one with actual talent because she’s been modelling for ages.
    Courtney’s family is basically the only one who votes for her.
    And if you actually knew Hannah you would agree she is FABULOUS.

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