A lemon of a campaign [WTF?]

The latest version of The Mole hasn’t been rating so well and won’t make it to another season… prompting diehards to send lemons to ABC in an effort to save their favourite show.

Ack. When will these absurd, pointless fan campaigns end? I blame those Jericho nuts (no pun intended) for starting this dumb trend.



4 Responses to “A lemon of a campaign [WTF?]”

  1. I can’t remember what it was, but it happened before Jericho – it happened with Wonderfalls for instance.

    But I still blame Jericho, because they were stupid enough to cave to it, when the show obviously didn’t deserve it.


  3. Blame the Roswell fans. They started the save the show campaign by bombarding execs with ‘iconic’ show momentos. Does no one remember the Tabasco Sauce campaign ?? It actually generated media coverage of the campaign and worked. The show however continued to suck, and yes, of course I still watched it.

  4. Roswell started fan campaigns AND introduced K-Heig to the pop consciousness. DAMN YOU ROSWELL!

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