“Box” is also a slang word for television [news]

I was pleased this morning when I read a press release from Seven announcing that Fifi Box is joining Sunrise next year, until I saw the accompanying publicity shot. It’s positively scarifying:

Yikes! In case I haven’t convinced you of the scariness, here it is again:

Aieee! This frightening pic makes Fifi look alarmingly like…

For comparison’s sake, here is Fifi in real life:

I mean, she still looks pretty witchy – I think it’s the cackling grin – but at least she doesn’t look like she’s going to eat your firstborn.


3 Responses to ““Box” is also a slang word for television [news]”

  1. Am I the only person who can’t read ‘Fifi Box’ without thinking it’s a euphemism for a vadge?

  2. She looks like a seagull.

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