Sabotage! [Project Runway Australia]

Pictured: Petrova’s losing design; Juli’s not-that-disastrous disaster; Lui’s winning gown

Tip: if you’re ever on a reality show, never ever boast about your skillz – even if you do so modestly, a higher power will intervene to ensure your swift elimination.

Early in this week’s instalment Petrova let slip that she knows more about ’60s fashion than any other designer. At that moment I knew she was doomed. Oh, Petrova – I’ll miss your weird muu-muu clothes and Lindy Chamberlain-meets-Princess Leia hairdo.

Shameless product placement is a Project Runway tradition: Because the well-known cosmetics brand that sponsors the show has an ad campaign inspired by glamorous 1960s Italian films, the theme of this week’s challenge was also glamorous 1960s Italian films. The designers were tasked with creating a “cohesive collection”, so everything on the runway ended up looking kind of… same-y:

Sabotage! Poor adorable Juli had a shocker this week after entrusting Mark and his devious quiff to buy her fabric. The silk she’d requested was out of stock, so instead he returned with… polyester. My knowledge of fashion is slim, but even I know that you don’t downgrade someone to polyester when they ask for silk. Innocent-eyed Mark objected to Juli’s allegations of sabotage, but of course he returned from the store with gorgeous fabric for himself. Hmmm.

The comedy of errors continues: After Juli spent hours fretting over her hideous polyester dress (which really wasn’t that awful), her model tripped on the runway. Embarrassing.

PhotobucketSarah Gale is a bitch: Juli explained that her dress didn’t turn out the way she wanted because she didn’t have her intended fabric… prompting sourpuss judge Sarah Gale to bitch that Juli should “take responsibility” for the polyester. WTF? It’s not like Juli was too lazy to go to the store – she wasn’t allowed to. If Mark fucked up and bought the wrong fabric, how is Juli meant to take responsibility? Go back to Myer, Sarah.

Brint’s vuctory: In a dumb twist, the designers were given a shot at immunity in a mini-challenge. What is this, Survivor? Anyway, Brent and his awful Kiwi accent somehow charmed columnist Sophie Faulkner, who awarded him immunity. Not that he needed it –
the judges are still falling for his boring “I’m a minswear disigner” thing.

Lui’s victory: When he won the challenge, the ever-monotone Lui claimed he was “overjoyed”. That’s how he does overjoyed? I’ve seen bigger smiles on office drones who’ve just found out that their favourite biscuit is in the kitchen. (I bet Lui prefers Milk Arrowroots: sweet, but bland.)


5 Responses to “Sabotage! [Project Runway Australia]”

  1. Aww, give Lui a break. Japs are never ones for much animation… until it comes time for crazy game shows involving insects and lots and lots of jello.

    The frockmaker makes ugly garments, but she makes them well. There’s nothing innovative about anything she does (or anything that comes out of her mouth for that matter).

    Snaps for Project Runway Australia though. I never thought I’d say it, but I’m actually enjoying it.

  2. Errr Coby …Lui’s Malaysian not Japanese

  3. And Coby, “Japs” is not cool.

  4. It is so frustrating to see Sarah Gale sitting in her frumpy clothing looking like some PMS-riddled Nazi smirking and offering nothing but negativity….

    You can see the designers itching to slap her – only Brett came close to giving her a serve. Why is it ‘normal’ in these shows to be nasty? Everyone is trying their best and the ‘judges’ can’t do anything constructive!

    And would we really wear anything that these ‘experts’ walk out in? They ridicule the clothes and look stupid themselves – great examples…

    Only Henry is kind enough to actually encourage’ – why are we so intimidated by the American rubbish shows full of fakes that we have to act like them to make a show?? Come on! It’s time for Australia to start acting like Aussies again, surely!!!

    Kick people like her off and put them on the streets or in some poor nation where they have to earn their own way rather than use others….

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