Hole lot of crap [Australiana]

Here’s some pics from the craptacular Australian adaptation of Hole in the Wall, a Japanese game show in which people squeeze into silver jumpsuits and then attempt to squeeze through hilariously-shaped holes in a wall (yeah, it’s very high-concept):

Couple more after the jump, but I warn you: they are disturbing. When you see them, you’ll know why.


One Response to “Hole lot of crap [Australiana]”

  1. I actually don’t find the apparent lack of genitalia too disturbing. It’s the shiny silver-plated man-tits that worry the crap out of me!

    I can’t believe this is a stand-alone show. As a five minute segment it makes sense, but it can’t partularly offer much can it? Apart from the odd bulge in a jump suit.

    Here’s hopeing they find some hot (and hung) contestants

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