Big fat girl has big fat attitude [Australian Idol]

This girl, who appears near the end of the Australian Idol promo, is totally going to be famous – the show hasn’t even started and I already know at least three people who are obsessed with her:

So much ‘tude! I hope she makes it into the top 12!


10 Responses to “Big fat girl has big fat attitude [Australian Idol]”

  1. I’m more keeping an eye out for the high pitched, no neck guy, because his lip ring is someone weird to me… no idea why.

    Him and like the second girl on the ad who likes like shes entirely unsure of being there and will probably break down the entire time.

    Some of them like “Woo!” guy just seem that bit too suave/likeable/competent for the schadenfreude nature I enjoy from my reality tv.

  2. I meant “somewhat”, did try and fix, but didn’t catch it in time 😛

  3. pondie84 Says:

    This shows how lame I am… but the fattitude girl was on Popstars I believe. A Popstars reject… hmmm… perhaps there will also be the 3rd coming of Arnott.

  4. Gosh haven’t we learned from Casey Donovan what happens to the fat girls?

  5. Hehe! Even without watching the promo, this pic alone shows she has major ‘tude. She’ll totally talk back to the judges when they let her through with Marcia-ghetto speak. You go girrrrl!

  6. I’m already in love with her.

  7. Can you feel it in your booooooooooones

  8. ExisingBike Says:

    omg I saw her and instantly wondered why all fat lady singers need to be so sassy? Now I cant help but wait for her to come on – that and the unsure angry/constipation-teeth dude in the back row toward the end.

  9. krystalmeyersfans Says:

    in my opnion the only person worth voting for is disney30 dj JEREMY SHUM


  10. OMG, this girl with the bobble head makes my blood boil, just sing the song and dont make out “im so good, look at me”! its not attitude its trying to say to every one “look at me, im so good”, go away, sorry, i think she has turned me off this season! hope she doesnt last too long

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