American faker [sci-fi]

io9 rates the best fake American accents in sci-fi; unsurprisingly, Jamie Bamber comes out on top. I will never get over the fact that his Battlestar Galactica voice isn’t the same as his actual voice, never ever ever.



3 Responses to “American faker [sci-fi]”

  1. Flotsam Snr Says:

    Jamie Bamber speaks? Huh. Never noticed.

  2. When I heard him speak in an interview on eonline, I watched it over and over just to enjoy. How can one man look and sound so good? It was even better because I didn’t know he was English and almost swooned with delighted shock.

  3. OMG I NEVER KNEW!!!! Holy shit! Right on with the accent he is. But that does not look right when he speaks in his normal voice. Ill never adjust!!

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