TVSILFs (that’s TV Stars I’d Like to…) [gossip]

Sydney Morning Herald resident couch potato David Dale is asking readers to submit the TV personalities with the highest “fuckability” – that “combination of looks and an elusive quality called ‘presence'”. (The LifeStyle Channel’s garden guru Brendan Moar, pictured, is one of the candidates.) Sounds scientific!



2 Responses to “TVSILFs (that’s TV Stars I’d Like to…) [gossip]”

  1. Flotsam Snr Says:

    Yeah, I’d hit that.

    Oh – and if they are going to nominate a Gruen Transfer panellist, Todd Sampson is WAY more fuckable than Bridget Taylor.

  2. True but they probably had to put in a token female, to make the poll seem like it wasn’t just for the gays.

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