Now that is one pretty cast [90210]

Another pic of the 90210 cast, looking appropriately beautiful:

USA Today has a few extra bits and pieces on all the characters… which they foolishly write-up in a single feature, instead of spreading out over several pages. Think of the lost page impressions!

[Via TV Tattle]


One Response to “Now that is one pretty cast [90210]”

  1. Wow. It’s like the OC… except with 25 year old teenagers and 35 year old parents. I think it’s a pretty bland cast, all the girls look the same and there’s no Seth Cowen-style cute boy-next-door character. The girls all look like Mischa Barton clones, where are the quirky Rachel Blisons? I never really liked the original 90210, and know this new one will take itself oh-too-seriously without any of the comedic charm of the OC, yet i’m totally excited.

    Im still awaiting cast photos with Tori, Shannen and, Jennie-whatever-her-name-is. Maybe the delay is because they had to snap Shannen separately and photoshop her in afterwards cause she get into fights, Sarah Jessica Parker vs Kim Catrall style.

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