Dancing With the Stars is dumb in every country [WTF?]

DWTS is dumb in Australia because… Channel Seven is reportedly thisclose to signing up Daniel MacPherson to host the eighth season of the show. Pro: he would admittedly be a lot better than the previous host, Daryl Somers. Con: someone once told me he has a small penis. Which isn’t the sort of thing you want to know about the host of a popular family program.

Also, this season’s cast is hella lame:

I mean, I know the show traditionally has a C-list cast and all that, but…

DWTS is dumb in America because… there’s a big hoo-ha brewing about whether or not potential contestant and homosexual Lance Bass will, or should, be paired up with another man if he appears. How PC! I naively thought Dancing was about dancing, when really it’s about making silly and awkward political statements.


2 Responses to “Dancing With the Stars is dumb in every country [WTF?]”

  1. Okay, I recognise a grand total of one of these people. And Red’s a judge on another Channel 7 “talent” show – are they going to start cycling their own judges now? Will Iva Davies be showing up on “it Takes Two” or something?

  2. Aren’t they already cycling judges. I’m not sure who did what on which show, but I’m sure they’ve already done it?

    Anyway learning about Daniel McPhersons ‘short’comings is rather disappointing… I always figured I’d like to be wedged between him and Joel Edgerton (don’t ask why, even I don’t know) And as for a bit of DWTS America boy-on-boy action, like it’s Lance Bass… Could anyone care less?

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