The Oceanic 5 [Lost]

Word’s gettin’ around that one of the Oceanic 6 will die in the fifth season of Lost. Well, it can’t be Jack or Kate, because that would ruin Darlton’s precious love triangle. Not Aaron – no way will they ice the kid. Sun? Totally safe – she has to have a happy reunion with Jin, and besides, she’s a mum now. And the fans would go apeshit if Hurley died. So…

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3 Responses to “The Oceanic 5 [Lost]”

  1. Yeah Sayid seems most likely, then again I was predicting (and hoping) all season that he would be the one in the coffin, and look how that turned out.

  2. I would be more convinced it was Sayid, had he not been the speculated death ‘Every. Single. Time’. Seriously, I went back through archives on Lost forums and websites, Boone’s death, Shannon’s death, Ana/Libby’s death and Charlie’s death all had Sayid as a huge possibility. He’s just easy to kill off, he flip flops between the A-team and the B-team depending on the episode and without Shannon he has no serious bond with any other Lostie that the writers see important enough to develop. I personally see him staying, simply because he is the only character with any common sense (“Uh, Jack? Locke? How about we kill the leader of the army of crazies stealing out women and children?” Re: Ben) and he’s just so kick ass (Killing an armed guy with his legs while tied up on his knees?).
    On the other hand, with Nadia gone, and selling his balls to Ben, it seems likely.

    Then again, hopefully it’s Kate! The publicity and reaction would be massive, and pull Lost back into public attention ahead of it’s final season. Plus it would kill off the most watered down, unrelatable character left on the show and her rediculous storyline (“Aww, she has a baby and was in a plane crash, let’s ignore the murder charges and police evasion and the millions of dollars shes cost in resources”). Be cool if she returned to see Claire whose all “Where’s my bahbay, biatch?” and Kate’s all “I’ve raised him, Claire, he’s as good as mine” and Claire’s all “Dead daddy, get me a gun” and bam… But it’s unlikely.

    Sorry for the essay, got carried away!!

  3. I didn’t realize so many other people wanted Sayid dead, I thought it was just me.
    But I really, really, really doubt they’ll kill Kate. If they kill a girl it’ll be Juliet, which makes me sad cause I love her.
    Also have you noticed that there is a serious lack of females on this show, they seem to die a lot.

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