Fringe sucks [Fringe]

Sick of the hype surrounding JJ Abrams’ new TV series Fringe? So is everybody else, especially the geeks at Comic-Con! The response there following a screening of the pilot was kind of lukewarm, with attendees describing it as “bizarre” and X-Files-ish. It was only a matter of time before the JJ backlash began, I guess.


9 Responses to “Fringe sucks [Fringe]”

  1. I’m surprised more of the “professional” critics haven’t at least pointed out some of its weaknesses. The ADD plot line, the cheeeeeesy dialogue (honey, sweetheart, sweetheart, sweetheart), the loud and overly dramatic soundtrack…Not even in the same league as X Files. It’s like Chris Carter on Adderall.

  2. FRINGE SUCKS!!!!!!! Pacey, your “flawless” Dawson’s Creek acting skills unfortunately DO NOT translate onto a “quality” tv series. Humor was used in stupid ways that did not fit in the entire pilot episode. JJ Abrams did a crappy job with the last couple of seasons of Lost and Alias and he should’ve stuck to just making music for good shows. I’m sorry but this show will be cancelled soon in my opinion. And the floating letters… PLEASE!!!!! In three short phrases, Fringe is:


    My two cents.

  3. P.S. Spare me the limited commercials… it’s torture.

  4. Where did the science go in science fiction? Sure, you can break some scientific rules, say, The Theory of Relativity, because the general public, even most sci-fi geeks, don’t understand it. However, referring to the accelerated age episode (second episode, I believe) you CANNOT throw away the Law of Conservation of Mass, which is an easy concept the public both can easily understand and has undoubtedly heard of a million times in highschool. Also, while cows do have 90 something percent the same DNA as a person, a chimp has well over 99% identical DNA as humans. It was supposed to be a quirk, but it just came out unbelievable.

    There is NO suspension of disbelief, the plot isn’t remotely interesting, and the characters are bland, boring, ect. (with exception of the insane old doctor father guy, if better acted he could be a cool character) TO TOP IT ALL OFF– THE PERSISTENT QUESTION/ANSWER THING: where a character asks a question so that the other character can explain it to the audience. come on! I’m beginning to realize that TV writers do what they do because anybody who reads (even sunday comics) can pick up on how bad of writers they actually are. That strike was ridiculous, they already got paid too much.

  5. vertigeaux Says:

    The crazy scientist guy is so annoying! He’s totally exaggerated and corny, and WTF is with that stupid fake accent?!

    J.J. Abrams wishes he was fit to shine Chris Carter’s shoes.

    Mulder and Scully = sexy, smart, complex, dynamic, compelling

    Olivia Dunham and Co. = corny, one-dimensional, bland, stupid

  6. We actually made a video on the subject of how ‘similar’ fringe is to the x-files. Check it out, rate and subscribe please!!

  7. Fringe is the worst show i have ever seen im watching now because my idoit friends are making me and this show is God awful its a poor wanna be X FILES show i hate it i hope they cancel it and it never comes back…….

  8. yeah, this show is total crap.

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