Suede needs to stop referring to himself as Suede [Project Runway – Grass is Always Greener]

God, you know I adore Project Runway, but there was so much wrong with this week’s episode.

The challenge problem: I have issues with Wesley’s elimination (and not just because I think he’s a) cute and b) can pull off the shorty-shorts), and here’s why. Okay, so I think it’s always dumb when Heidi points out that PR is a competition for the models too, because the result is totally out of their hands and depends on the skill of the designer they’re paired with. Well, in this week’s green-themed challenge the models were tasked with picking out fabrics – and so the designers’ success depended largely on whether their models chose something decent they could work with. Wesley’s model Alyssa picked satin, which he knew he wasn’t great with, would never have chosen for himself… and it cost him his spot in the competition. Sure, the disaster-dress he ultimately crafted (pictured at left) was his creation, but the whole thing feels a little off to me.

The bright side: Despite his elimination, Wesley and Keith are actually a couple. Cute!

The Suede problem: He needs to stop referring to himself in the third person, now, because that is dumb, and he clearly does it all the time if even the other designers are commenting on it, and also he has a blue fauxhawk and he made a dress that looked like it was made from strips of tape and yet somehow won the challenge. Curse you, guest judge Natalie Portman!

The Darthlicious problem: you know your catchphrase is dumb when it makes Suede’s blue fauxhawk look trendy by comparison. Blayne, please never ever append “-licious” to anything ever again, especially an ill-thought comparison between Heidi Klum and Star Wars.


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