Dollhouse doomed [Dollhouse]

I hate to report bad news about Joss Whedon, especially since Dr Horrible was so good (and surprisingly bleak!), but this isn’t good news: not only is he reshooting the Dollhouse pilot because it doesn’t make sense to viewers, he’s also flipping the order of the first and second episodes. Hmm – there’s shades of Firefly here, and we all know how that turned out. (Maybe Dollhouse really will need that pre-emptive fan campaign after all.)

Luckily, Joss has leapt into to reassure his loyal army that Dollhouse isn’t in trouble: “I suggested I shoot a new [pilot] and make the one I’d shot the second. It isn’t going to be buried, like the pilot of Firefly. It’s simply coming after another, slightly cleaner ep. And because unlike Firefly, it isn’t a two-hour epic which introduces everyone to each other, the onus isn’t on the new ep to explain a million things.”

Phew? I hope?


One Response to “Dollhouse doomed [Dollhouse]”

  1. Okay, here’s what i’m thinking. A lot of shows have crappy budget pilots designed purely to be pitched to network execs. If the show is picked up, is it all that uncommon for a new, high-budget pilot to be made for broadcast? Im not too sure, but it happened to the original Buffy. Hopefully it’s not a sign of doom and gloom.

    But, you’re probably right. After the whole Firefly debacle, I worry Joss has lost touch with the ingredients of a successful prime time fantasy show. Buffy had all the makings of a hit: likable main character, easy to understand premise, quirky memorable sidekicks, convincing fantasy plots mixed with just the right hint of realistic human drama, and of course our beloved humour. Not an easy feat for a show about vampires. In 2004, Fox wanted another Buffy, and Joss gave them Firefly, a show with a hardcore fan following, but with debatable mainstream potential.

    Dollhouse seems to be a step in the right direction, I just hope Joss sticks to the winning formula, instead of the Firefly-esq plots which mainstream viewers just won’t connect with and an inflated cast where sidekick characters get like 2 lines an episode. Besides, with Eliza Dushku in the lead, how can it go wrong? Everyone thought Tru Calling would fail and look how that turned out!

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