New Australian series shamelessly rips off Veronica Mars [drama]

So there’s this new Australian pilot being shopped around the networks which bills itself as a cross between Gossip Girl and Veronica Mars… where “billing itself as a cross between” apparently means “ripping off”.

According to a press release, Revolution revolves around Amanda Prescott, a rich and beautiful young thing who was lifted out of poverty as a child by her megabucks stepfather and now lives in an exclusive gated community, rife with elitist cliques called the Mermaids and the Tritons. Anyway, Amanda’s life goes to hell when her former bestie enrolls at her wealthy high school on the same day she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. Presumably there is also some sort of mystery.

Actually, I decided midway through writing this post that I don’t care if it’s a big rip-off. It’s the nature of teen drama to cannabalise itself, so I’m willing to be forgiving… provided the cast is very, very good-looking.



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