Jodhi Meares digs self out of hole [Australia’s Next Top Model]

So this new magazine launched today called Grazia; I know this because a copy of it landed on my desk this morning, even though I’m not trashy or stylish or female enough to fall within the mag’s target audience.

Anyway, Grazia leads with a super-soft, obsequious interview with Jodhi Meares (its last line is literally all like “We wish Jodhi the best of luck, mwah mwah!”, blergh) which promises to expose the real reason behind her split from last month’s Top Model finale. Basically, Jodhi never intended to do the live finale, but Foxtel and her (now ex-) manager Priscilla Leighton-Clark tried to boss her into doing it right up till the last minute. Which still doesn’t explain why Jodhi didn’t appear in the finale at all, but whatever.



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