Shut-up-licious [Project Runway – Off and Runwaying]

So I’m following Project Runway Australia and the fifth season of the original Project Runway, which has kind of crept onto TV without anyone noticing, and it’s kind of awesome because this is a great show. Anyway.

I’m not sure what to make of the new crop of contestants after just one episode, but despite Tim’s claim that they’re the most diverse group ever they seem like the usual bunch of fabulously talented and tragically crappy designers.

I am, however, pretty sure that I don’t like skin-cancer-victim-to-be Blaine. It’s not because his outfit was ultimately too outrageous – it’s because he’s desperately trying to be a reality TV phenom, and what’s worse, he’s desperately trying to be a reality TV phenom with a catchphrase as dreadful as “girlicious”. Blergh. At least “fierce” actually was fierce (and as we all know, I hate Christian Siriano wannabes).

Meanwhile, it’s kind of worrying that so many of the designers though they were being so original using tablecloth as their base fabric. It didn’t occur to any of these people that tablecloth is as original as “girlicious” is stupid?


I almost felt sorry for first-bootee Jerry… till I remembered that he spent the first half of the episode boasting about his skillz and trashing the other designers, then spent the second half crafting a horrible shower-curtain serial-killer dress.

Lastly… Heidi Klum is the most beautiful woman in the world, and I’m sort of in love with her. (Please don’t bash me, Seal!)


One Response to “Shut-up-licious [Project Runway – Off and Runwaying]”

  1. Blayne and “Suede” need to be gone. Fast.

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