Housewives afraid to look haggard [Desperate Housewives]

So why did Marc Cherry end the fourth season of Desperate Housewives with a five-year leap into the future? “The thing that made the first year so easy is the women’s lives were very simple and their problems were very small,” he says. “But as the years go on with a serialised show, the soap begins to build up. And I kind of wanted to get back to that relatable jumping-off point, you know, just women with everyday problems.”

Yes, because investigating the suicide of a friend who killed herself years after she murdered a woman, made off with her baby and buried the chopped-up body under a swimming pool is something that can happen to just anyone.

Anyway, apparently the greatest concern the actresses had about the time-skip wasn’t how it would affect their characters, but looking “jowly”. Poor things.



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