Hell-en [Project Runway]

The best bit about Monday night’s episode of Project Runway Australia: Helen’s extreme confidence turned out to be extremely misplaced, as she found herself flailing in the bottom two after spending the entire episode boasting about how frakkin’ awesome she is. Clearly the judges only put her there to teach her a lesson – there’s no way they’d boot their designated villain as early as episode two – but sucked in.

The worst bit about the episode: Mark Antonio won the “beach to the bar” swimsuit challenge. Blergh. Please tell me I’m not the only one who hates his embarrassingly forced, over-the-top, Siriano-lite homosexual affectations… but I can’t wait for the instalment where he and the neck-snapping Leigh get into a ruthless bitchfight over who’s gayest

Another good bit: I say this as someone whose knowledge of fashion extends to wearing jeans, T-shirts and hoodies every day, but… some of these designers are pretty good. And when I say “some designers” I mean Petrova and not Brint, whose boardies-and-micro-bikini combo was revolting even if the judges did fawn over it because he’s their underdog. (But how awesome was it when he cheerfully revealed he was giving himself “pits on the bick” over his design? You Kiwis and your crazy accents!)

Another bad bit: Can someone please tell judge Sarah Gale that Project Runway is about fashion, not whether an outfit would sell at Myer? If she utters the phrase “commercial viability” one more time, I’ll… I’ll write something really nasty about her in this blog! Take that!

I’m kind of loving this show, though.


6 Responses to “Hell-en [Project Runway]”

  1. Grudgingly, I had to admit that Marc had the best design, but, bloody hell, he should be strangled, not encouraged! He is so irritating that I just cringe every time he’s on screen. Ugh.

  2. Marc drives me nuts. He is so forced, and he’s a Christian wannabe. I was annoyed he won the challenge – I felt Petrova’s was the best (and so did one of the judges, I can’t remember her name, but when they asked if they knew who the winner was, she said “I do” as if she didn’t agree with their choice, and I instantly knew that Marc had won because that judge was rooting for Petrova).

    I’m pleasantly surprised with the series and will be watching. I can’t stand Helen – bleh.

  3. Soylent Green Says:

    Knowing I’m not the only one who hated the formal board shorts or whatever they were eases my pain.

    I get that they were supposed to be tight fitting, but they looked like when you don trousers that are two sizes too small and you have to wear them on your hip instead of your stomach so you can button them up, which causes the area underneath that’s meant to go over your hips to balloon out in an unattractive manner. Not that I’ve ever done that, of course.

  4. Agreed that Petrova’s outfit was the best one. Mark’s didn’t look like something you could wear at a beach – not in Aus, anyway. Probably they’re trying to inflate his ego so he brings the “funny”.

  5. wtf hellen ummmmmmmmmmm dont no shes not relly what i would say a star!:l

  6. what noway mark is great hellen is not mark is way better then her enyday he mabye gay but i mean hes cute not like what u say he is coz hes hell not!got it 😀

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