The foxy ladies enjoy their wine time [Kath & Kim]

Another new pic of the US Kath & Kim has surfaced, and regardless of how you feel about the adaptation you’ve got to give them credit for recreating “wine time” pretty accurately:

Cute! Selma Blair still isn’t fat enough to play Kim, but at least she’s working on her sulky pout:

One more still from the pilot episode after the jump.

[Link, via TV Tonight]


2 Responses to “The foxy ladies enjoy their wine time [Kath & Kim]”

  1. Flotsam Snr Says:

    Apparently, Selma’s Kim still wears clothes 3 sizes too small for her. Looking at her, I assume that means she’s wearing size -2?!

  2. I can totally see the US version of K&K becoming like a glamorised version. I mean K&K in Aus aren’t your typical celebrities and are fairly relatable icons for women, but in the US they seem to fit that celebrity stereotype- super skinny, super glamorous! I’m curious as to why Selma Blair was chosen, looks wise she really doesn’t fit the part!

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