Too many gays spoil the broth [Project Runway Australia]

Well, that wasn’t so bad… right? 

Pro: Project Runway Australia has imported all the show’s hallmarks – fretting about fashion, shameless product placement, an excess of showy homosexuals, etc, and made them work. Con: the classic catchphrase “One of you will be in… and one of you will be out” does not work in an Australian accent. Sorry, Kristy Hinze.

In her favour, Kristy is working hard to restore the reputations of supermodels-turned-TV hostesses after the Jodhi Meares fiasco. With her blonde locks and 20-foot legs she’s already halfway to achieving a perfect Heidi Klum impersonation – all she needs to do to complete the picture is lose the nerves and ramp up the cheeky bitchiness.

Mostly Project Runway Australia was good, and I’ll definitely tune in again next time, but there was plenty of bad: the judges’ verdict was completely predictable. The annoyingly accented Kiwi and designated underdog Brint (not a typo) was obviously never in danger of getting the boot this early. But the worst part of the show wasn’t the telegraphed climax… it was this guy:

I didn’t instantly hate Mark Antonio because of the Kath & Kim look-at-moi twang, or the over-the-top campness, or even because of the quiff (though those were all contributing factors). I hated him because he’s desperately trying to be the Australian Christian Siriano: you, sir, are no Christian Siriano.


2 Responses to “Too many gays spoil the broth [Project Runway Australia]”

  1. Is it just me, or does the male host look exactly like this?

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