Potato famine [24]

When Chloe O’Brian made her 24 debut in season three I thought she was an annoying potato face. I still think Chloe is a potato face, but she’s since become my all-time favourite 24 character of all time. Seriously, if they ever kill her off, I will stop watching forever.

Anyway, Mary Lynn Rajskub is pregnant and ready to pop (look: here she is firing a gun in anticipation of giving birth!) (also, her baby-daddy is surprisingly hot!), so unfortunately there won’t be much Chloe-time in 24’s seventh season, and she won’t appear in the upcoming telemovie at all. Rats! But it’s not all bad: her dry and charming husband Morris (playing with lugubrious panache by Carlo Rota) will step in to fill the void. But does he have the skills necessary to upload the schematics of every single building in LA to Jack’s PDA?



One Response to “Potato famine [24]”

  1. You do realise that the first half of season 7 was filmed about a year ago – i.e. prior to the writers strike and Kiefer’s brief break away from public life?

    So we’ll probalby get a half season heavy with Chole, and then Morris will take over somewhere…

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